Frequently Asked Questions

When Should I start?  It is never too soon to introduce a child to the water.  Here in Sacramento, water is one of the great recreational activities of the region.

My Child is only 1 year old, is that too young? For the very young, 6 months to 24 months, a parent tot class is offered.  The parent is in the water with the child to calm the separation anxiety that may occur. The parent is taught how to correctly handle the child in the water and to begin them on a journey of swimming for a lifetime.

How Long Will It Take?  Each swimmer is different and many factors determine how fast they learn: Age, listening skills, motor coordination, lesson frequency, fear or love of the water, attitude of the child and the parent and of course prior experience.

Can I reschedule my lesson?  You have a scheduled time for lessons please make every attempt to keep these, as our schedule is very tight.  If you need to reschedule, please contact us prior to the actual lesson. There is a $15.00 rescheduling fee for each lesson changed.  A no show is a loss of a lesson.  There are no refunds. Please be Prompt, as you will forfeit your time if you are late, and the lessons will not be made up. 

Will we be able to continue with our child’s swim lessons throughout the Debbie Meyer swim season?  The answer of course, is yes.  We are happy to say that the Debbie Meyer Swim School is a nine month swim program.  We encourage swimming at least once a week, during the nine months, in order to provide your child with an activity that develops lifetime skills not duplicated in any other activity.

Water is a user friendly environment for all ages.  For babies, the reduction in gravity allows for the exploration of movement unmatched on land.  Babies are able to explore movement in many different planes, free from restriction that gravity produces.  To the older child, water provides an exercise medium that develops all over physical fitness, with little risk of serious injury.  Swimming is an exercise that can be used the rest of their lives.

Why should my child take lessons year round? The longer a child takes lessons, the greater the retention, the safer the swimmer.  The nine month swimming builds motor sensory skills, as well as high self esteem at a very early age.

The younger child, perhaps for the first time, can participate, at the same skill level with older children.  This is a definite self esteem booster for the beginning swimmer.  Children of all ages being able to play together and compete with one another, while developing skills for a lifetime of swimming enjoyment.

We try to keep the learning process fun and enjoyable for the children.  However, we take the process of learning to swim very seriously and there is an underlying sense of urgency, that is forever present, in getting your child to a safe level of swimming ability as soon as possible.

Water Safety!! 

  • Never leave children, swimmers or non-swimmers alone near a pool or any water.

  • Fence your Pool in and children out!

  • If possible have an alarm installed on your doors and windows that lead to the pool. Make sure all doors leading to the pool are locked and children cannot unlock them.

  • Never leave large objects near a pool fence where children can climb over the fence.

  • Never leave toys, especially favorite ones inside the pool area as children will want to play with them.  Bikes should never be left around a pool or be allowed in pool area.

  • When supervising children around a pool, make sure a portable phone is available to you in case of an emergency.  Do not assume the kids are ok just because you are there.  Watch them at all times!

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