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My 2 and 3 year old toddler boys wear hearing aids to hear, but can not use hearing aids in the water.  The staff at Debbie Meyer provided specialized instruction using techniques sensitive to my children's needs, and had them blowing bubbles and going under water almost immediately- no surprises and no tears!  The boys were all-smiles and had a great time learning to swim.  We will be first in line to sign up for next season.  - Proud Mom, Gold River



"Swim lessons at Debbie Meyer Swim School have been an extremely positive experience for all three of our boys.  They get very excited when they know it's a "swim lesson" day.  The instructors and staff are welcoming and encouraging to kids of all skill levels, and my kids feel great about themselves every time they get out of their lessons!"    - Christy King


"My daughter McKenna is 8 years old and has been on a local swim team for a year and a half.  She has attended Debbie Meyer Swim School on two separate occasions and both times made amazing progress.  She is very competitive and has had dramatic improvement at her swim meets.   The one-on-one instruction that the school provides leads to rapid improvement in skills.  McKenna loves coming here and can't wait to come back!"  - Ken Toles


"Before starting my kids at the Debbie Meyer Swim School, I was not familiar with the teaching style there.  I had never heard of 15 minute private sessions, two times a week, nearly year-round.  While I was a bit unsure of this method, I figured, Debbie Meyer is an Olympic Gold Medalist, she probably knows more about teaching swimming than I do!  While my children were comfortable in the water, after two summers of "lessons" at other swim programs, my children still had n o swimming skills.  They began lessons with Debbie Meyer and her staff at ages 3 and 4.  Within 2 weeks, they had gained enough confidence and swimming skills to jump into the water and actually swim! Now, at ages 4 and 5, they swim everywhere we go - lakes, pool parties, public swimming pools, and other parents always compliment them on how well they swim.  People can not believe their skills at such young ages.  the fifteen minute sessions, two times a week, are just the right amount of time - which is just enough time so they do not get burnt out, overly tired, or frustrated.  I have seen many babies, toddlers, young teens, and a couple adults learn to swim at the Debbie Meyer Swim School, and each one gets personalized teaching, compassion, and dedication, and eventually, confidence and skills in swimming.  Debbie Meyer, who studied kinesiology and child psychology, takes great care in choosing and training her teaching staff.  The teachers are enthusiastic, caring, and extremely knowledgeable in Debbie's highly effective teaching method.  Lessons at the Debbie Meyer Swim School have been one of the most educational and enriching activities in my children's lives.  All children should learn how to swim for safety, fitness, and fun, and the best swimming program available to Sacramento is the Debbie Meyer Swim School.  Take your kids there to learn how to swim!"   -Rosemarie Esposito-Pica


"My children have been at Debbie Meyer since they were babies.  I have tried other swim classes closer to where we live, but the results are not the same. It's worth the drive!!"   - Kim Stein

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