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After FPSIE and SMUD achieved successes with residential swimming-pool makeover projects for SMUD customers, officials at SMUD wanted to know: “Why can’t we do this on commercial pools?” Michael Orr, FPSIE’s Executive Director, explained that California Code of Regulations Title 22, as it is currently written, effectively precludes the use of energy-efficient equipment on commercial pools. After much discussion with SMUD representatives, Michael began communications with Sacramento County and California State Environmental Health officials about the possibility of getting the code changed. Because no precedent for comparison existed, Michael became convinced that a “demonstration” project would be necessary to make a convincing case for code change. When Sacramento County Environmental Health agreed to consider allowing a demonstration project, SMUD representatives said: “Let’s do it. We need to do this for our commercial customers.” The FPSIE/SMUD team then began “talking-up” a demonstration project to industry members and SMUD management. The proposed venture became reality when Hayward Pool Products agreed to donate the major equipment, pumps, filters, heaters, and controllers and when Geremia Pools agreed to donate general contracting services for the project. As the team canvassed the SMUD commercial customer base for a makeover candidate, the Debbie Meyer Swim School appeared to be a perfect fit for the desired profile. When FPSIE’s engineers saw the facility and recognized it as the perfect fit for the demonstration project they had in mind, they immediately brought it to SMUD’s attention. Subsequently, Sacramento County Environmental Health Department, SMUD, and FPSIE agreed to ask Debbie Meyer to allow her swim center to be used as a demonstration project to determine the amount of energy savings that can be achieved by applying current knowledge and the latest technologies to maintain superior water clarity and sanitation. Once agreement was reached with all the parties of interest, an announcement was made to the industry; and sponsors from all segments of the pool/spa industry have volunteered to donate products and services for this historic makeover project.  For  other manufacturers, distributors, and others who have an interest in participating in this project, opportunities still exist to have their product(s) and/or services showcased in this high-profile venture.  Proposals and/or inquiries may be submitted to FPSIE, Inc. at 598 Display Way, Sacramento, CA 95833, (916) 922-8895 or  via e-mail at


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